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With the view to provide a less formal access to Meditation and Tibetan Buddhism, TNG Centre® offers Wwoofing programs.

Relying on proven techniques such as 'forest-composting', we are happy to introduce biodynamic gardening and share knowledge and experience with the Wwoofing community.

As a TNG-Wwoofer®, you will benefit from working in a peaceful and quiet environment in which meditative calmness and silence is encouraged.

The special feature is that it allows approaching a community based on the development of compassionate awareness through daily traditional meditative practice.

Providing such a new experience in an attractive and quiet environment allows conducting Wwoofing activities in the light of 'Karma Yoga', aiming at the development of Conscious Mode of Conduct.

These activities are conducted through the adhesion to the international Wwoofing Network; they concern the following sectors:

  • Biodynamic gardening and active participation in the development of a vegetable garden feeding our community;
  • Harvesting and storage of the products;
  • Maintenance and development of the residential floral parks;
  • Eco-treatment of agricultural nuisances.
  • Environmental protection
  • General property maintenance work.

TNG-Centre® is rather intimate and isolated. Since the Centre is a non-profitable organization and runs only by private donations, everyone resident works as a volunteer.

We try to offer our positive energy with our prayers and our concern for the environment in order to make the world a better place to live.

You are asked to participate in the activities 30 hours a week, as per 5/6 hours a day; 6/5 days a week.

In exchange TNG-Centre® provides the opportunity to share our Buddhist way of life, based on a motivation concerned by the well-being of all beings in each one of our actions.


We offer an extraordinary environment and the opportunity to experience life in a Tibetan retreat and meditation center. For a better integration into our resident community, you will be asked to share our Wwoofing activities up to 30 hours / week (5 days x 6 hours or 6 days x 5 hours). This includes a donation of 2 hours per day to the community in exchange for your participation in an exceptional way of life.

We suggest you to stay two weeks or more.