Inscription starting the 18 of March 2024 

TNG-WWOOFING is a window of access to Karma Yoga, a daily training in mindfulness.

As the basis for the progressive development of awareness, this training touches all aspects of life.

A Dedicated Experience... in harmony with Nature

A Site dedicated to provide you all useful information needed to prepare your Wwoofing experience at  TNG-CENTRE®


Wishing to provide a less formal access to meditation and Tibetan Buddhism, TNG Centre® offers Wwoofing programs.

For TNG-Centre®, the primary concern is environmental with the development of ecology through organic cultivation and eco-construction.

Relying on proven techniques such as 'forest-composting', we are happy to introduce biodynamic gardening and share knowledge and experience with the Wwoofing community.

As a TNG-Wwoofer®, you will benefit from working in a peaceful and quiet environment in which, meditative calmness and silence is encouraged. The special feature is that it allows one to approach a community practising compassionate awareness through daily traditional meditation training.

Providing such experience in an attractive and quiet environment allows conducting Wwoofing activities in the light of 'Karma Yoga', a training in the development of Conscious Mode of Conduct.

Wwoofing at TNG implies adhesion to the international Wwoofing Network;

It concerns the following sectors:

  • Biodynamic gardening and active participation in the development of a vegetable garden feeding the community;
  • Harvesting and storage of the products;
  • Maintenance and development of residential floral parks;
  • Life in nature and innovating local solution to the eco-treatment of agricultural nuisances.
  • General property maintenance work.

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